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I'm Shailja, a UX Researcher, Design Strategist, and UX Designer originally from Gujarat, India, and currently based in Savannah, Georgia.


In my first semester at design school (2014), with limited knowledge of illustrator tools, I stepped out to seek an internship opportunity. Since then, I have interned every break to pursue that bigger challenge one faces in the industry. I came a long way till my last job(2021), where I led multiple UX teams, including a Fortune 500 company.


While industry experience offers invaluable learning opportunities, I made the deliberate choice to pursue a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Design Management. I recognized the potential for gaining a competitive edge and expanding my skill set through a master's degree. It equipped me with a diverse range of abilities, including strategic planning, workshop facilitation, and cross-functional team management, among others, and helped me set the stage for comprehensive professional growth and success.


I’m pumped to return to the industry with new knowledge, skills, and spirit. To take up the next brain-melting problem for the new client! Looking forward to working with diverse teams to push the bar and craft meaningful solutions. Also, someone who could debate with me on which pink hue is the best!

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