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  • We strategically positioned proof points at the top for immediate user engagement, delivering valuable information even before they explore the entire product.

  • By intentionally scattering CTA breakers throughout the page, users have easy access to quick actions like free trials and additional information precisely when they need it.

  • The format designed is versatile and adaptable to any product, as it encompasses various modules that can be customized by adding or removing them according to specific product requirements.

We established a clear content hierarchy and created a content reference tool for the Devgraph team, enabling seamless reference and guidance for future products.


By prioritizing user experience, we developed a website flow that serves as a reference and can be easily adjusted to meet the specific needs of the product. Throughout all modules, we emphasized defining the information hierarchy to effectively present content when users visit the site.

To effectively present product features and benefits without overwhelming the audience, we devised a structured approach that emphasized content hierarchy. By utilizing micro modules as a foundation, the content team was able to craft concise and impactful messaging, ensuring that key features didn't get lost within lengthy blocks of text.



A suite of integrated software development tools that deliver higher productivity and better-quality software through automation and insights.

UX Research    |    User Experience    |    Design Management


Redd Experience Design

Bangalore, India


1 UX Lead
2 UX Designer
2 UI Designer


October' 20 - May'21 


UX Lead


  • Plan and structure the website for the parent company and its products.

  • Design and brand the website cohesively, incorporating the parent company's branding elements.

  • Create compelling content for each section, highlighting the parent company and product information.

  • Implement lead generation strategies to capture potential customers on each page.

  • Enable seamless navigation between the parent company and product pages.

  • Optimize the website for mobile devices for a smooth user experience.

  • Test, launch, and regularly update the website to ensure its performance and relevance.


The modular wireframes enhanced collaboration and efficiency by providing a structured and adaptable system. It helped teams be consistent across different products. Additionally, the process of UI development was streamlined, leading to increased overall efficiency.


For the branding and UI design, Redd collaborated with Liquid Ink Studio, Bangalore. Liquid Ink specializes in bringing out the story of the brand that speaks to the users through its distinctive visuals and color palette.

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